A(nother) storm is blowing from paradise (2023)

solar plexus (light object); no title 1, 2, 3 (screen print in object frame); no title (paradise) & no title (house) (screen print on a sand glas object); no title (digital print on silk); acoustic foam;
part of the group show NEXUS, Verpackerei Görisried 2023 

Based on a black-box-like idea of human thought and learning processes of the 1950s, the work “A(nother) storm is blowing from paradise” explores the remnants of sci-fi fantasies of that time as present-day unsorted by-catch. The multi-part installation aims to mediate between rational limitations and irritated wishful thinking while juxtaposing arbitrary outcomes with precise predictions. Inspired by free association and self-fulfilling prophecies, Vall presents infinite cause-and-effect dilemmas that seek to pay homage to the mysticism of unexplained phenomena.