Drop dead faster (2020), collaboration with Justin Urbach

Transmedia performance 45 min, AkademieGalerie


with: Daniel Illner, Florian Knecht, Andrea Karl, Jörn Blachnitzky, Adrian Knahl, Fabian Glasbrenner

sound mixing: Maria Margolina

The transmedial installation “Drop dead faster” deals with the boredom and and the unleashed consumerism of our society and presents them on a virtual, analogue and performative level. The work is inspired by the poem ‘C’mon pigs of western civilizations’ by Allen Ginsberg, in which he denounced the affluent society in the 1970s. As a stage for hyperreality, the Gallery Space hosted a performance and a props based installation.

The smile – The demonstration of power and wealth still functions unchanged through the presentation of gold – is represented in the amazon logo as a symbol for satisfaction. Gilded in shape of an AK-47, the teeth jewelry that all performers are wearing and occasionally showing to the audience, is hinting to the act of representation. Documentation as a substantial part of representing value, the audience is being taken under critique – to which the two artists position themselves without doubt.

The call for attention is situated as a powerful act of construction and deconstruction, amplified by the sound and the invisible interaction.