Glass body, metal, computer, lighting, painted lady, sound, 1g silver plate, script 200 x 70 x 150 cm, 2021

In her work “Hashcash”, various transformation processes take place under a glass basin in an artificially created biosphere. A mining computer is part of this process; it mines cryptocurrency units, monetary products in the broadest sense, for the duration of the exhibition period. While the mining process runs, butterfly pupae transform into full grown butterflies in the warmth of the computer fan. The butterflies, some of which have already hatched, are now moving in the rooms of the VerpackereiGö, but have mainly moved into the virtual exhibition, where they live in the virtual building as depictations of themselves. The monetary equivalent freshly mined by the mining computer is shown in the virtual part of the exhibition as an investment in the form of silver bars – the wings of the butterflies each consist of 1g silver plates.

Revolving around the relativity naturally accompanied by investing practices, Vall exploits the predictability of absolute transformation processes and puts artificial and organic whims on the same level – the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly acts as organic evidence of the “proof of work”.

part of MANA