Temper Base

Unrendered video files on short distance projection, bended acrylic plates, CBD Marihuana leaves, computer, heat 400 x 70 x 290 cm, 2022 
shown at & made for BosqueRreal Zurich

Temper Base explores public and private social, digital, and architectural spaces, asking questions about forms of work, circuits, value systems, and attention management.

For Zurich‘s offspace BosqueRreal, Vall developed a community-based collaboration system that paradoxically lacks human presence while being open-source in a broader sense of the word, displaying the rendering process live in the showcase for everyone to see.

Through an open call, 3D designers, graphic designers or architects can outsource their computationally intensive rendering processes to the artist. One project at a time is rendered via a powerful computer placed in the exhibition space. While rendering overnight, this process is projected image by image into the shop window facing the street, whereas all the computing work is managed by Vall. She is not only the creator of the system, but also the guardian of the submitted works. 

In a largely technical work-sharing process, the viewers thus become a human database in public space: ephemeral subjective experiences as confirmations of collaborative work, a moving social blockchain ever-changing through interaction.

The rendering process is free of charge for the participants, their consideration is to provide the visual content of the intervention. The artist links and mirrors the digital valorization process and the ecosystem-like approach, which knows no waste but only secondary products, on another level by treating the heat generated by the computing power as the basis for another valorization process: in the exhibition space buds of CBD cannabis plants are dried. Of modest value undried, the plants become lighter but all the more valuable.

text by Tobias Steinle