TRAPS & ERRORS as Part of  as part of KRITAMON ORACLE group show

installation one: “TRAPS & ERRORS” diverse fountain
installation two: “GLUTHERD/SUMMERTIME SADNESS” singing wood installation
digital smoke painting #1: FEVER ISLAND, print on aluminium dibond, aluminum profile frame, 31 x 51 cm 
digital smoke painting #2: GREEN ISLAND, print on aluminium dibond, aluminum profile frame, 31 x 51 cm 

An oracle describes at the same time the event, the message, the person, the place and the magic of cumulating circumstances. In relation to time and space, from ideas of beauty and destruction to future-uncertainty Kritamon Oracle will activate stories as well as envisioned ideas, floating between the actual artistic production and the very sensitive reception of our present time.
Kritamo is a wild succulent plant which grows along the rocky coastlines of the Aegean and thrives in the reach of spume. It is aromatic and rich in Vitamin C. In the same way as Kritamo finds suitable grounds to grow on roughest surfaces, site-specific interventions and performances will emerge in the village of Marathokampos. Hybrid formats of art, interventions, sculptures and new media works will be melted with local discoveries, references to Ancient Greece, Pythagoras‘ mathematics and the flora and fauna of Samos.
Kritamon Oracle is the first public project and thus the first visualization of Kerkis Echo, an international artistic-philosphic discourse community in Marathokampos.

organised by @easyupstream
initiated by @kerkisecho
supported by @stiftungfederkiel

Marathokampos, Samos, GR

Gülbin Ünlü @gulbin_unlu
Justin Urbch @justin_urbach
Kathrin Savvulidi #kathrinsavvulidi
Susi Gelb @susi_gelb
Niko Abramides & NE @entity_network
Pollyester @pollyester___
Xenofon Giannoulis aka Fonda Mentalism @fondamentalism
Anastasia Tsoukala aka Nouvelle @nouvellemusic
Mikko Gaestel @mikkogaestel
& me

continuing to ride the poppy wave, another work I created this summer is based on the eerie sound distortion as like in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, in my case using a web based distortion algorithm. ‚Summertime Sadness‘ by Lana del Ray came out eight years ago, now a period of my semi-adult life in which climate issues have been continuously a part of my daily life. An invisible enemy, that I tried to fight with means for myself just to realize my small scale engagement is no more than a lifestyle. So have greenwashing, attention management, energy households, exploitation, globalization, decentralization, tracking methods, just to name a few, all been terms that have interweaved and defined my interests.
In this ‚Scheiterhaufen‘ installation, I actually thought of ‚Glutherde‘ , a stereotypical German technical term for still ‚burning‘ mainly coal leftovers that are covered with other objects, that after a bushfire has been extinguished, can cause new fires. This one I installed in Marathokampos is made of LED Stripes and is blue. The branch chops are taken from a pile nearby, they come from trees, mainly olives, that grow everywhere in the hills and count more than a million in the municipality, as also the cats that, like spirits, gathered around my singing pile of wood.

“Glutherd/summertime sadness” singing wood installation as part of KRITAMON ORACLE group show

The island of Samos lies as many more islands, nearby tectonic plates. On such islands earth quakes, volcanic activity and micro climate zones draw attention, either for their ambivalent beauty or for their dramatic demonstration of power (over humankind). From a voyeuristic perspective the base material for this ‘smoke island series’ is found footage of earthly activity on mostly volcanic islands that I physically or virtually travelled in the past years. In this case it is a drone shot of the eruption of cumbre vieja in 2021.