Tatjana Vall is an artist, graphic designer and researcher based in Munich. Her work revolves around artificial ecosystems and paradoxical spheres of reality.

Tatjana Vall



Education & Scholarships: 

AdbK München (Klasse Pitz & Klasse Schäfer ehem. Ingold )

Hochschule Augsburg, B.A. Kommunikationsdesign

Falmouth University, Marine and Natural History Photography

IMAL International Munich Art Lab 


Scholarship of the Ministry of Education and cultural affairs


Scholarship and exchange program with the Karlsruhe University

of Arts and Design ( Media Art Department)


tdc Type Directors Award of typographic excellence #63,

New York

Exhibitions & Press:


// “Drop dead faster”, Akademiegalerie München

// “BOINGBOINGBOING” , Harry Klein, München

// “blue bottle fly”, Forum Schwanthalerhöhe, München

// “forwearezero”, online exhibition

// onlineperformanceart.com #15 Performance Festival

// “You’re not [ evaporating ], but I am” Akademiegalerie,


// Jahresaustellung adbk Klasse Ingold

// “Nackte Singularitäten”, Kösk, München

// “Ein paar Tage nach der Welt”, Akademiegalerie, München

2018 // “consensual styly” Hochschule Augsburg

2017 // Galerie by Prinzip München

2016 // Falmouth University Gallery, Falmouth, UK 

2014 // IMAL, Jugendamt München

// Experimenta, Tallinn