Tatjana Vall is an artist based in Munich. Her work revolves around artificial ecosystems and paradoxical planes of reality, in which she positions human and nonhuman actors. She questions boundaries of active-passive relations at the intersection of medial and installative practices. By looking beyond surfaces as they are thought of as genuine, she hopes to find irregularities within physical limitations which in term will help articulate the sensitive bonding between the viewers’ positions and their perceptional presence.

She studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich with honors (Meisterschülerin) with Pamela Rosenkranz and was awarded the price of the Stiftung Kunstakademie for her diploma work. 


Tatjana Vall

(*1994) Sombor, Serbia


Exhibitions & Press:

“ghost to its story” diploma show, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München


“junger westen” , groupshow,  Kunsthalle Recklinghausen

“NEXUS”, group show, curated by Luise Wank, Verpackerei Görisried


“GNADE”, group show, curated by Domino Pyttel, Galerie der Künstler, Munich

Stiftung Kunstakademie bei Karl & Faber, group show, München

“MANA” hybrid group exhibition, VR & Galerie der Künstler München

“Temper Base”, solo show, BosqueRreal Zurich

“Poets blood Bar”, group show Klasse Pamela Rosenkranz

“BEING SOMETHING IN ESSENCE OR EFFECT THOUGH NOT ACTUALLY OR IN FACT” group show, 1e9 future Festival 2022, deutsches Museum, München

“KRITAMON ORACLE” group show, curated by Easy!upstream, Marathokampos, Samos, Greece


“MANA” hybrid group exhibition, see mana-project.xyz , virtual & VerpackereiGö

“SUGAR PIE HONEY PUNCH” group exhibition, Boxwerk München

“schlafende Augen” group exhibition, Versus Gallery Munich

“Auf einem Bein kann man nicht stehen, auf geraden Linien kann man nicht gehen ” Kunstverein Ebersberg

“You are going to take a bath in good luck.” duo exhibition with Justin Urbach, 
Digital Art Space München, curated by Karin Wimmer


“Drop dead faster”, AkademieGalerie München

 “BOINGBOINGBOING” , Harry Klein, München

“blue bottle fly”, Forum Schwanthalerhöhe, München

“forwearezero” Galerie Foe München, online exhibition

onlineperformanceart.com #15 Performance Festival

“You’re not [ evaporating ], but I am” AkademieGalerie,


Jahresaustellung Klasse Ingold; AdBK München

“Nackte Singularitäten”, Kösk, München

“Ein paar Tage nach der Welt”, AkademieGalerie, München

2018 : “consensual styly” Werkschau Hochschule Augsburg

2016: Falmouth University Gallery, Falmouth, UK 

2014: “Eksperimenta”, Tallinn, Estonia

Education, Scholarships, Awards & Publications: 

AdBK München (class Rosenkranz & class Schäfer) (since 2018)

HFG Karlsruhe, Media Art (2020/21)

HFBK class of Simon Denny (2023)

Hochschule Augsburg, B.A. Kommunikationsdesign (2014-2018)

Falmouth University, Marine and Natural History Photography (2016)

Preis der Stiftung Kunstakademie 2024

26.Bundespreis für Kunststudierende, Finalist (2023)

Kunstpreis junger westen, Finalist (2023) 

Deutschlandstipendium (2023)

Karl & Faber preis, Finalist (2022)

Scholarship of the Ministry of Education and cultural affairs Baden-Württenberg; Scholarship and exchange program with the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (Media Art Department) (2020)

tdc Type Directors Award of typographic excellence #63, New York (2015)

NONFICTION03, artist book magazine, Paris, FR (2022)